33 More Photographs of Casa Angela, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
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Casa Angela from Paseo de Conchas Chinas, the street below and on the bay side of the  villa

The entrance to Casa Angela.  The driveway curves to the left as it rises.

Panoramic view looking west from the bar terrace on level 4.  To the north (to the right) of this photo it is interrupted by landscaping.

Several more photographs

Left photo taken from the center living room on Level 3 looking southeast over the Jacuzzi.  The right one is looking into the south bathroom mirror on Level 3.  These are the same for all apartment levels.

Two similar shots taken from the Jacuzzi in the master bedroom's larger patio looking down at the living level (#4).
A small part of the pool is visible as well as the tunnel (bridge) under the dinning area patio, the wading area, the wet
sunning area and the sunken bar.  The bay is in the background

 Taken from the master bedroom's smaller patio looking down at the living level (#4) showing the same areas as the photo above plus the palapa patio.

Looking north at the city from the pool patio.

On the left, taken from the main breakfast area looking north across the dining area & patio and then across pool & patio at the city.  On the right, taken from the pool patio back toward the living room with the the dinning area to the right.

Taken from the pool wading area looking west
and down at Conchas Chinas beach.  The closest
and most attractive in PV.  All the levels have a similar view.

 The middle living room (bedroom) on Level 3 showing the kitchen, jacuzzi, dining area and the entrance to the south bedroom.  All three of  the apartment levels are essentially the same.

Taken from the dinning area looking down the steps
into the pool.  One of the four sunken bar stools is visible.

The shower in the master bath.  The left photo taken from the smaller patio on Level 5.  Behind the photographer is a panoramic view of the bay and the mountains on both ends.  The right photo is from the master bedroom

 Taken from the front kitchen looking through the
living room.  The Jacuzzi for Level 5 is above the
front entrance area framed by the 4 columns.
The city view is beyond the entrance.

 Level 5; the fireplace (the Jacuzzi is behind the photographer) .
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