CASA ANGELA, a villa for vacation rentals, corporate retreats and  family reunions


General Information


Casa Angela has 20,000 square feet (6,000 of which is patio space) of private but open living space on a small cliff 350 feet above Banderas Bay. It is at the top of the Conchas Chinas enclave, a development of homes and condominiums on the first major ridge line south of town. The enclave has just two entrances from the main road, the first is less than a mile from the old town. Casa Angela is not visible from the entrance gate. The driveway curves and rises seventy five feet to the parking area.

The mountainous area south of the town has a much more intimate feeling than the hotel strip to the north. The strip is still convenient for those who like "bright lights" on demand.  For the exact location of the villa click on;  Map of Southern Puerto Vallarta.

view south


The views from Casa Angela are the best in Puerto Vallarta, a town renowned for its views. The unobstructed panoramic view covers more than 300 degrees. Starting with the unspoiled jungle covered mountains to the southeast, past the mountainous coastline to the south, across the width of the bay to Punta Mita, La Cruz, Nuevo Vallarta, the hotel strip, airport and town, and then to the mountainous jungle to the northeast..  A pair of binoculars is worthwhile extra baggage.

The view south along the shore line from all levels

<>view north
<>                                                                     The view north from the pool patio just after some rain


 Casa Angela has a unique microclimate shared by a 4 or 5 villas high on the south side of Conchas Chinas. The mountain valley immediately to the south of the ridge on which Casa Angela is located acts as a funnel for the cooler mountain air as it rushes to replace the heated air rising over the bay and the low lands to the<>north of the city. Consequently Casa Angela enjoys a daily cooling breeze, starting about 10:00 AM<>(it even surprises the natives), even in mid summer when daytime temperature/humidity can be uncomfortable away from the beach, in the hotel areas and downtown.  The villa is not air-conditioned (it is not required).  All king sized beds have ceiling fans inside their mosquito netting.  In the rainy season, July to October, the humidity can be oppressive in PV.  For detailed weather data click on; Puerto Vallarta weather

<>living area from pool patio
                                                The living, dining and breakfast areas from the pool terrace


The open architecture integrates the weather and the environment into the living spaces using traditional Mexican materials. The design by Ronald Bradshaw, The Architects Partnership, Marble Falls, TX, minimizes interior walls to visually merge adjacent spaces reinforcing the open feeling. There are no exterior walls except the mountain.  Interior walls provide complete privacy for bedrooms and bathrooms. There are no windows and very few doors in the structure.  Every room has at least one side open to the elements.  The daily cooling breeze from the mountains to the south precludes air conditioning, CA has none.

looking north
Looking north over the sunning pool from the breakfast area

There are five patios in the common living areas on level 4, two on level 5 (the master level) and one on level 2 .  The three lower levels range in size from 3000 to 3600 square feet.  The master suite has 1900 square feet plus 600 square feet of patio. The site is large, unlike most Mexican residential construction.  The compound is almost an acre in area.  There is room to park six cars on the grounds inside the gates.


Casa Angela is a little over a mile from the old town, which has very much maintained its quaint character in spite of the world class resort area immediately to its north.  An auto is not necessary, taxis are 5 minutes away and they are not expensive.  Casa Angela overlooks beautiful Conchas Chinas beach, really several small quasi private beaches separated by large granite outcroppings.  Conchas Chinas beach is an twelve minute walk down the mountain.  Los Muertos beach, the principle town beach, is about a mile further north.  It is reminiscent of the commercialized beaches on the Mediterranean (lots of small restaurants and shops).  You'll need shoes to walk between the two beaches.

There are convenience stores on the main road between the two entrances to the Conchas Chinas enclave.  Several five star resort hotels, the marina, the airport and the marina golf course (one of 6 in the area) are about 15 minutes away taking the bypass around the city.  


In addition to the villa's heated pool, with built in bar, wading area and wet sunning area (a space to lie in the sun in four inches of water): there are four Jacuzzis (each bedroom level has one).   All the Jacuzzis, showers, counter tops and the pool are covered with cobalt blue venetian tile.  The master suite and the living room have large fireplaces, for ambiance not warmth. Traditional Mexican terra cotta Saltillo tile covers all the floors.  A digital satellite TV system (with all of US DishNetwork programming), a VCR, a DVD and a CD stereo system are installed at the main living level (level #4).  The bedroom levels can have local Mexican TV programming.

There is a staff of 6 that are included when the villa is rented.  The houseman, the gardener, the chef, and three maids/cooks come in daily as required.  The staff works 7 days a week when the villa is rented.  The services of the houseman and the chef only come with rental of the villa.  Maid service is provided when the bottom apartment is occupied separately, a cook is extra (if available).


Two stairways, one outside and one inside, access the lower levels providing flexibility when configuring the property. Access to the inside stairway is locked at the stairs to the bottom apartment if it is occupied separately. All of Casa Angela may be rented as one large villa with 8 bedrooms, 2 private sleeping areas (bedrooms) and 11 bathrooms, accommodating 20.  Alternately it may be rented as a villa with 6 bedrooms, 2 private sleeping areas (bedrooms) and 9 bathrooms, accommodating 16 (levels 2,3,4&5).  Also it may be rented as a villa with 4 bedrooms, one private sleeping area (bedroom) and 6 bathrooms, accommodating 10 (levels 3,4&5). On rare occasions the bottom apartment  may be occupied separately, if so the occupants do not have access to any common areas (level 4 and the center stairwell).  We prefer larger villa rentals, so rental of the top 3 levels as a villa will not be confirmed until 30 days before arrival .

Casa Angela fits family reunions and business retreats equally well. The center rooms (with kitchens and Jacuzzis) in each of the three lower levels make excellent conference rooms. (They have raised entries that provide natural stages.) There are three patios, including one on the top level, far enough out of the traffic patterns to be used for outdoor conferences.   While the facility can accommodate more, the maximum number of guests permitted is 20, sometimes extended to 22 (there is an extra charge of $90 per guest per nite for all over 20).  A maximum of 12 beds are made up.

Special Events:

Casa Angela is rented for the use of the resident guests and their special events which have been arranged in advance.  It is not rented by the day for a party or any other event.  The staff can manage special events (e.g. wedding receptions) for up to 25 people, including children.    For all events, an event fee of $15 US is charged for the total # of people attending the event, including the resident guests.  On rare occasions the maximum attendance permitted is 50 when catered by a caterer and wedding coordinator approved in advance.  All events must be supervised by Casa Angela's staff.  The villa is for the use of the resident guests only, except for special events.


The villa has wireless internet access, bring your laptop!  There are five kitchens in the complex, one in each of the three lower levels, and two at the living level 4 (an open serving kitchen with built in range, griddle and barbecue and a more private preparation kitchen).  The parking area is at the middle level (level 3) at the bottom of the stairs to the main entrance.  Bedrooms are equipped with sleeping nets and fans.  Two of them have two single beds as well as a king sized bed and 4 of them have one single bed as well as a king sized bed.  Public buses run regularly to/from town along the highway at the bottom of Conchas Chinas. The fare is $6.00 pesos( 58 cents).

Looking down at Conchas Chinas beach from level 4

Extreme care has been taken to integrate the living space into the natural environment and to use the environment to enhance the ambiance of the living space. The villa's common area, level 4, was carefully situated around a large fig (strangler palm) tree (the trunk is over 25 feet in circumference) which shades most of the patio areas. It starts life as a vine using a palm tree for support.  The host palm is still alive.

All the rooms have planters built along their outer edges in lieu of railings. The bougainvillea in them provides a very effective barrier to small children (and large ones too). Wherever possible the granite mountain has been left exposed. Several tall indigenous palm trees remain on the property together with one prominent coconut palm. Lime, banana, almond, papaya, coconut, mango, nanci, guava, orange and avocado trees have been planted. A wide variety of shrubs and flowers are used however purple bougainvillea. dark red hibiscus and copa de oro (yellow) dominate the colors.

Much more information is available at Administrative & Logistical Information for Confirmed Guests  and Description of Facilities  .


vacation vlooking acoss the living room through the dining room at "Los Arcos" in the bay

dining area
The dining area from the living area

PV at night                 PV at night from the pool patio with the Maria Gallante about to bombard the cityvacation villas rentals Vacation Villas Rentals vacation villas r
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